If only..



If only you knew…


How my heart melts when I look at you,

How my breath catches, when our eyes meet.

How the sun shines in your hair when u flip them,

How your mere presence makes my life complete.


How the birds stop singing when you talk,

How hearing your voice engulfs me with warmth.

How the time stands still when we are together,

How I cant wait to take you in my arms.


How the wind holds its breath when you move

How the sun shies away when you smile.

How the moon takes its light from your exquisite sight,

How your touch makes my existence worthwhile.


How I’d love to brush your hair with my fingertips,

To hold you close, to kiss your lips.

How I could breathe you in and touch your soul

Lock you in my heart to never let you go..


If only…



2 Responses to “If only..”
  1. Ali Sohani says:

    Wonderful poem, Miss Huda. “If Only”… the title is most apt and so is the way poem ends. But if only you’d confess in front or send the poem, wouldn’t that be more effective?

    People say… If only we had courage to think (creatively, innovatively, deeply)
    People say… If only we had courage to write (eloquently, expressively, poetically)
    People say… if only we had courage to say or confess (openly, honestly, unawlwardly) and there are those who just busy themselves in trying and do it. 🙂 I think if only we just don’t leave trying in new ways to accomplish what we need to… things would sooner or later fall to their place. 🙂

    Keep writing miss… since you already know how to clear all 3 stages of “if only”. 🙂

    • Huda says:

      The only reason for not doing all these things that you so elaborately tried to explain is fear.. Fear of rejection, fear of humiliation, fear of being judged, and most of all fear of the unknown… Just plain fear.

      “What if” is the question we stress ourselves with day in and day out.

      Some people DO have the courage to take this fear head on.. If for some reason they don’t succeed, they at least learn to deal with it and are not afraid to try anymore. Then there are some who would try, but fall at the first sign of failure, but at least they made an effort. Its the ones who wont even try are the true failures; for they would never know the journey or the consequences; the joys of triumph or the pain of loss.

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