LAME ON THRONE – An open letter to Bilawal Bhutto

With the election season in full swing and every political party trying their level best to win the hearts of the people of Pakistan, I came across a video showing Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s exclusive election campaign.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s Exclusive Election Campaign Video

The confidence with which he was lying and making false promises was sadly hilarious and extremely brazen.

Here is a piece I came across that does complete justice to his lack of empathy and loyalty to not only the people of Pakistan but also to the Urdu language that he was trying very hard to speak.


WARNING: Has a few (well deserved) expletives!!

Hey Bilawal, I just watched your video, the one everyone has been joking about on facebook. I must say the first 30 seconds of it were hilarious. You acting like a retard and all. But I shouldn’t be so insensitive. After all, you are our future, the new generation, the Baby Bhutto who could possibly lead this country in future. So I really wanted to watch what you had to say. Biggest fucking waste of the 12 minutes of my life!

You said you wanted to be on the streets with the people of Pakistan but couldn’t get security. Well, who the fuck was leading the country? You twits were in power for 5 years, and I’m sure your daddy could have arranged a few good men to protect the master of the realm from the evil forces of the seven kingdoms. What was the matter Geoffrey? An army of guards was not enough for you to grow your balls back or do you also think that your party is as incompetent in providing internal security as it is with pretty much everything else?

I was just trying to wrap my head around that one when you started going all paranoid on me! They killed them, now they will kill me! Everyone is out to get me! WTF, Did you not say in the beginning that you were not afraid to die for the cause? Maybe you are not paranoid, just bipolar, MY PRECIOUS Baby Bhutto.

Your mental health (or lack off) would have gained my sympathy if you hadn’t gone into this melodramatic use of the word Safar. Khush-hali ka Safar, ghareeb ka safar, Iska Safar, Uska Safar. The only kind of Safar I was going through was Angrezi ka suffer, dimag ki dahee ka suffer.

Then you get into attacking PML-N, I give you that. Go ahead, I much rather that you cancerous fucks eat each other out so, bravo.

Btw, what the fuck is FARAM, did you mean the word Farahem as in ‘to provide’. Why do you have to use words that you cannot pronounce and do not know the meaning of? You sound exactly what you are, a power hungry twit, disconnected with the people you are so desperately trying to rule. Ironic that you then go on to say others don’t know who the people are and what poverty is, as if you do. Quick question, have you even been to a grocery store in Pakistan. How much is a bag of rice, any idea? I didn’t think so either 🙂

Seriously so I’m 3:31 into your bullshit and it is already getting unbearable.

And you are sounding like a corporation with national expansion plans. As if you own Sindh and South Punjab and will take over Lahore and Peshawar. You honestly think it is in democracy’s interest to have one party take over everything? Who the fuck you think you are Walmart or Tesco! How about a vibrant democratic landscape where different parties make compromises in the best interest of the people.

Wow, this is fun, now you are giving every politician a lesson in politics! Lets hear it. So basically you are saying that Politics has to be bloody. ‘Khun Ka Rasta’ Maybe you should try producing a gujjar film with that title than recording anymore of these stupid video messages. Talk to Meera, I am sure you two will connect at some level. PS: Hey Meera, don’t try to play with his balls. Why, you ask? Cause he ain’t got any!

Errrrrrrrr, here comes another over the top melodramatic use of the word, this time it is Party, or shall I say, PATI. Iski PATI hai, uski PATI hai, beta thora panee peeloo, haluq khushk ho gaya hai jhoot boal boal kay, kahin aap ki PATI na nikal jayee.

Where did you go to school again, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge? Doesn’t matter, they’ll deny they played any role in your development (bad for business). You fucking embarrassment. All that education and the plan you have is to ‘Follow The Arrow’, what are you? A character from The Big Lebowski? The dude was more coherent! Follow the arrow, it will take you there … monkeys love bananas! WTF How about education, infrastructure development, human rights, women rights, health, safety? Any ideas? Any plans? Or just badly pronounced words?

You fucking twit (I am overusing this word in your honour Baby Bhutto), don’t you take credit for Malala. She actually had the guts to go out and face the real world while you took your imaginary balls and stayed indoors with daddy’s armed guards or in some fancy London/Dubai neighbourhood.

11.26 I really want this to end. I was about to stop this video, but just when I thought I was out, you pulled me right back in! So you think other parties support terrorists so they can get their vote. Really? Wow, so like me, you suck at Math as well. Except I do know that the terrorists are very few in numbers and you need lots of votes to win. Maybe you think everyone who is not a PPP supporter is a terrorist.

All right, I’m done. That is it. I want 12 min of my life back. But for the people of Pakistan, I pray to everything and everyone any person living or dead ever prayed to that you somehow turn into a monkey and end up in a zoo, no disrespect to the monkeys. You are an embarrassment and you are a disappointment, but more than that, you are dangerous because you could very well be the future of Pakistan. Disconnected with the people, full of lies, with no plan or policy, and no desire to serve, only rule.

Please quit and go somewhere where I never hear another word from you.

From Usman, someone who still cares about Pakistan.

One Response to “LAME ON THRONE – An open letter to Bilawal Bhutto”
  1. Pakistan Khan says:

    You said it brother, though I feel you were a little generous towards him. He deserves much worse!
    And not just in words. Ghaddar ibne ghaddar binte ghaddar ibne ghaddar ad infinitum…

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