A Fallen Autumn Leaf

Ever taken a walk, barefoot, on fallen autumn leaves?

The sound of them crunching under your feet is so absolute… it screams of finality…

Of their fate… Of their nothingness… Of their death!!

The smell of burning leaves tells the story of their suffering.

The transition of their color from vibrant greens into more mellow oranges and browns tells a tale of their torment.

The legend of their descent from the dependable branches of deep-rooted robust trees to the ground in which they would eventually assimilate is something to reckon…

Their story is no fairy-tale; it’s a tragedy; their silence so deafening.

Ever wondered what that leaf and your life have in common?

It’s the inevitability of an end to their existence.

It’s their life-long suffering and still being able to relish what they have.

It’s the way they protect and shelter.

It’s their falling from a height and being trampled and crushed until they’re blended into nothingness and still being part of the ground on which they will be stomped upon.

It’s all that and more.

It’s you having the same fate as that fallen autumn leaf.

It’s me who is that fallen autumn leaf.

And I know what my fate is.

It’s endurance. Until I’m nothing.

4 Responses to “A Fallen Autumn Leaf”
  1. ephautumn says:

    I loved it! it truly explains my thoughts too. I dont have the gorgeous and right words to praise you because they will look nothing in comparison to yours.

  2. Ali Sohani says:

    This is brilliant! 🙂
    Whole poem, the way it reflects on autumn leaf… From first interaction to their demise, and way each crumble and piece narrates its story.
    “It’s all that and more. It’s endurance. Until I’m nothing.”
    Very good, Mam.

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