The last cry

As I sit in the semi dark room with a lopsided broken cupboard, ill fitted panes, an aluminum bed with soiled sheets, rodents scurrying around, insects crawling and mosquitoes flying, I had only one thought going through my head, “why and how did I let things get out of hand?”

It was like a mantra going on and on to a point where I thought my head would explode. I tried to distract myself but I couldn’t stop thinking back to two years ago when I met the person who made my life go from perfectly beautiful to absolutely horrid in a matter of months.

I won’t say he was to be blamed entirely. I was equally responsible for the failure of this relationship. For starters, I trusted him for his words; words that were said out of his habit of lying and no true feelings. I was a sucker for romance and he was my romantic knight in shining armor. What was I to do but fall for him? He knew his game and I was a vulnerable pawn in his hands. I was besotted! I was a goner. I died.

One Response to “The last cry”
  1. Shazia says:

    Yes I died

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