Liberate Yourself

Ever felt you are bounded by factors that turn you in a person that you are not? Ever had this insane desire to be released from the confines of your own personality; a personality that you have acquired over the past 20 or so years, a personality that your parents, teachers, friends, religion, decisions, opportunities, cultural beliefs and what not groomed you into? Blunt as it may sound, but if what you are does not make you happy then you are in big trouble. It just means you do not exist. What you are in your thoughts – a wishful thinking, that person you so admire but cannot be, that dress that you would trade your entire wardrobe with but don’t have the courage to don, that diary that you write but would never share with anyone; all that’s you but dare not be!! The truth is you are determined to be everything that determines you but not yourself. And that’s where you are wrong.

Always remember! YOU are the creator of you own destiny. Whatever you choose to become, you will grow to be. Yes, there are factors that make you who you are, primarily your surroundings and your cultural beliefs. Whenever there is clash in your beliefs and your desires, displeasure ensues. It is solely upon your own self to explore your boundaries, discover yourself, and harmonize these beliefs with desires.

“I always wanted to be an artist, but my parents preferred that I be a doctor,” “I wanted to wear red on my wedding but my mother in law chose blue,” “I would have been an entrepreneur, but my friends thought I didn’t have it in me.” We hear these repentant remarks every now and then. There should never be regrets in your life. Your principles and yearnings should synchronize so that there is no internal conflict, only peace.

Our worst dilemma is mostly we react out of habit, without much freedom. We have to condition our minds to do things that make us happy. It is our choice to choose it carefully, creating enough balance to keep us content. The chains are difficult to break, but worth the effort. Your whole life is based on a viewpoint, why waste on something that’s not even important. Spend it on something worthwhile. After all, we live only once.  We are entitled to a life full of fun. Let loose. Liberate yourself.


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