Pakistanis – In Search Of Their Lost Independence

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people,” Howard Zinn.

Similarly, there is no government indomitable enough to compel their people into destruction. If only we realize.

The sole purpose of forming a government in a nation is to secure rights of its citizens, of which security of one’s life and honor is of utmost importance. Where does that happen in our beloved country? Every day we see innocent men, women, and children being slaughtered without any rhyme or reason. And the toll is still rising.

As it is, we are struggling against catastrophes caused by natural disasters year after year and to deal with the calamity caused by our rulers is like adding insult to injury.

Sixty years of independence and there is still a major part of this nation that is illiterate and naïve. Feudal system still affects the bulk of our rural population. The riches are still reserved for the influential than the worthy. Unemployment and hence poverty is still the most important dilemma. The women are still harassed not only at work, streets, but also in the haven of their homes. Children are still victims of abuse and neglect.

The political parties are still fighting over who wants to take charge and are responsible for hundreds of innocent killings each day. Street crime has risen at the same rate as the corruption and greed amongst our governing bodies. The criminals are littering the streets of this nation fearlessly. There is no accountability for anyone’s actions. Sixty years of independence and we are still enslaved.

We, the sufferers, don’t realize that we have the power to choose. We, as a nation, can alter the structure of our government, because it is without a doubt by our consent that any governing body can attain leadership. And if they can’t provide us with security, peace and liberty just because they are controlled by other more monetary affluences then they are not our rulers. We want them out and we want them out for good. So help us God.


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