Winds of Change

I don’t mind if the government falls

Implements more futile laws

I don’t care if the nation stalls

And I don’t care at all

– Bob Geldof

This is the song we as a nation are humming, singing, chanting until it has become constant; become a part of us.

The mutilated corpses are stashed in the streets every day, we don’t care.

The education system is at the verge of crumbling, we are least bothered.

The northwest of Pakistan is blown apart by the western propaganda, we are not troubled.

There is no electricity, no gas, no salaries, no jobs, we have accepted that.

The government makes laws according to their own needs and requirements, we stay quiet.

People break these laws, no one asks.

Everyone lives by their own ideology. Everyone has their own sets of rules. No one abides by them.

The prices of basic necessities like food and clothes have rocketed up and no one can do anything about it.

There is no shelter. People are living on the streets. Nothing to eat.

The poor are getting poorer, the rich are stealing every chance they get.

The railways, the airlines, the industries, all are finished, we stay unruffled.

We elected a president who was imprisoned for over a decade and we are not ashamed of it.

We honor a crook with a PhD, whose only achievement was to listen to constant tirade of accusations thrown at him, without so much as a word.

We lay sleepless at night for fear of another blast that might rock the city, but we are silent.

We are listless, lifeless robots waiting for a miracle to happen.

We don’t care.

We are a nation that’s in shackles. Morally, financially as well as emotionally.

The indifference is profound.

Or so I thought!

October 30, 2011 changed that for me. That day, I encountered the biggest transformation in this nation. The people who had their dreams and spirits broken by the callousness of their rulers, finally had the courage to take matters in their own hands and speak up!

I was witness to the most magnificent day in the history of Pakistan where there were no Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis, or Pakhtoons; ALL were Pakistanis.

Everyone was gathered in the heart of Lahore at Minar-i-Pakistan, all at the call of Imran Khan, a man who has proved himself time and again. He implored his fellow Pakistanis to join him in his cause to save Pakistan and everyone capitulated. He talked about the problems of the common man, for the common man, like a common man. It was the man as well as the cause that propelled every single Pakistani to stand against the oppression and save their country.

Standing amidst the crowd, i felt overwhelmed. The air was charged with energy and overwrought emotions. It could be seen when the crowd stood up and hummed the national anthem, heard every time the crowd roared Pakistan Zindabad, and feltin the sheer power of the moment. There was an air of solidarity and equality all around with no thought of discrimination between class, caste, gender or education. We were all Pakistanis standing under one flag with the same vision – Save Pakistan.

It is evident that the winds of change have started blowing with Imran Khan resonating the voice of every single Pakistani but the fear still prevails; was this show of passion and unity momentary or do we still stand a chance against the political dictatorship?


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