There are times when the world just doesn’t seem like the place for you.

You want to leave everything behind and want to go to a place where no one would bother you.

No one will ever criticize you for the way you have dressed up or the way you walk or even the way you style your hair.


You will be all alone, with nothing but your own thoughts, your memories.

You would live the life that u wanted to live.

Or maybe just sit and think.

No deadlines.

No hurt.

No expectations.


Just plain oblivion.

I want that too.

I want to be oblivious.

To the world. To its people. To pain.

I want to be numb.

2 Responses to “Numb”
  1. Shazia says:

    We share feelings:)
    And I want an island of happiness just for me .. Will share my writings with you two ..:) I’m not a blogger .. Don’t know how it works .. Got them in notes on fb 🙂

    • Huda says:

      Heyyy I’m so glad u approve of them 😉
      I would love to read ur stuff. And if u want i can post them on my blogs with u as an author. =)

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