Who Am I?

What are thoughts? Why do people think differently?

What are emotions? Why do people feel differently?

Does it even matter to anyone what the other feels?

How can one person dig the other and the other doesn’t even give two cents’ worth about him.

What is human nature? Does it come naturally or circumstances make a person what he is? Then it shouldn’t be human’s nature if it’s not innate.

What is heart? If it’s only a bodily organ then why does it hurt in anguish, sing in delight and break into pieces when deceived.

What is love? Is it a figment of people’s imagination or an overrated sentiment?

What is lust? A feeling often mistaken as love or a purely basic need that blinds even the best of men?

Who am I? An individual who is as important as a tiny speck of dirt in the darkest corner behind the cupboard or someone who will make a difference in this world?

There may be a debate over every little thing in this universe but only “I” can decide what I want to be. No one will choose it for me. If I want to make a difference, I will do whatever it takes. I will make the world think differently. About me. About my ideology. I will make them listen. To me and my thoughts. If only “I” want.


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