A politician’s perspective

My name is XR.

I am the President of Pakistan.

I was born in a house where politics was everything. My father was the chairman of a well known political party. My brother followed in his footsteps. Being the youngest, I always looked up to them for advice and wanted to be just like them.

I always knew I would become a politician. I had all that it takes to become one. I had the perfect background to establish myself. I had money, power, charm. I could conquer the world. I was invincible.

For me, politics was a game. And I had never learnt to lose.

And then came the day when I was running for the President of Pakistan. I had hopes, dreams, and drive to do things for my country. To bring change. It was this obsession that made me the President.

Little did I know what I am up against. Everything that I wanted to do was met with obstacles. I was the person who yearned to bring change. I believed I was change. And I did. I did change. I changed my ideology. I changed who I was. I changed what I wanted to do. I changed people’s lives. Hell, I changed mine.

It was easier to go with the flow. It was easier to be corrupt to survive than to fight. It was less problematic to close my eyes to the problems and feign concern than to actually go through the trouble. It was a win-win situation and I was winning. Peers loved me for understanding their perspective. The masses loved me for my empathy towards them. I was the victor.

But for how long? Now they know of my betrayal. They conspire against me. But I’m way out of their league.

They don’t like me. But they wouldn’t disobey me. I threaten, I blackmail, I kill.

The nation is scared of me. They would not dare say no to me. What I wanted, I got. And in it all, I forgot what my country was. How I was going to change it for the better. I lied.

My name is XR.

I am the President of Pakistan and I am a hypocrite.


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